Being in a Relationship for So Long isn’t Easy talkless of being in a Long Distance Relationship. This Tips/ Advice would go a long Way in helping you attain your Relationship Goals.

Before Going into Such Relationship Let’s look at some important Points:

  1. Try to become Friends with the Person, Friendship First, before Relationship. For those of you who are already into a Relationship build up the Friendship.
  2. Look for someone who pushes you and doesn’t doubt you, and even if you’re in doubt he’s like: ‘Yeah, you might be right, it might go wrong, but hey, you know what? Just go and find out.’ He should be moving you forward.
  3. You have to treat each other like best friends.Try not to keep secrets because it comes back to bite you much later. That’s the most important in a relationship. You always have to be open with one another.
  4. Whatever goes through your mind, make sure the person that’s next to you knows it because sometimes you can tend to keep quiet and keep that all inside and that can come out at the wrong time on the wrong way. So you just have to overshare it.
  5. Do the long-distance relationship. When you know that you will never find anybody on this earth who brings that out in you, whatever that person brings out in you, do it with them because that’s a person you need to stick with.
  6. Just be patient and be strong together. If you know you’re standing up for the right thing, don’t let people break you apart, don’t let people make you doubt because if you know what you feel for each other, you don’t need to prove it to anybody else. They will see it eventually.
  7. Stick to your principles. Stick to the things that you have. If you want an educated person, if you want the person to act or think or do certain things that you think are valuable for you to see a life with this person, stick to it, and find that one person, somebody who will fulfill these principles.

After these points make sure you don’t cheat on that person you truly Love. Cuz This World is both Physical and Spiritual than we think. Anything you do is in cycles. When you start cheating, problems would just pop up from no where bear in mind that the Devil always looks for Room to enter our lives. Make sure you Stay Away from Pornography as Much as Possible. Porn is one of the instruments the Devil uses to destroy Man.

Bear in mind that you should have in Mind for you and your PArtner to be Together as Soon as Possible. In Order to avoid Temptations that may arise.